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Well Strung
Sunday, November 11, 2018 - 3:00 pm
William Starr Auditorium
Lebanon High School, 1000 South 8th Street, Lebanon PA 17042

Well-Strung, is a New York City based string quartet, that derives their unique blend of vocals and strings by fusing classical music with the pop music of today. Part boy band, part string quartet — their muscles are as toned as their music and their set list includes everything from Vivaldi to Lady Gaga. The group was conceived by producer Mark Cortale and Chris Marchant.

An evening with them is anything but typical. Second violinist, Chris Marchant; first violinist, Edmund Bagnell; violist, Trevor Wadleigh; and cellist, Daniel Shevlin tear through a diverse classical set list that includes Mozart and Dvořák compositions… alongside of string arrangements of recent pop hits by Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Kelly Clarkson. Throughout their performance they provide vocals and a patter in which each of the stars offers up anecdotes of their life growing up. A performance of Well-Strung has the breezy feeling of cabaret with a hint of vaudeville!

This is the first time I’ve been able to play music as entertainment,” says Trevor Wadleigh, who had been pursuing a career in musical academia prior to joining the group. “Some people have a very serious attitude [when it comes to classical music] about protecting an ancient art, whereas we just have fun doing it.”

Dan Shevlin adds, “I think what really excites people is our interactions with each other. They’re not used to seeing what goes on between four players.” He calls himself a “musical theater boy.” “That’s what I went to school for and how I started performing,” he says. “But I also always played cello and listened to classical. I do love pop and rock, but I’m very rooted in classical and musical theater.” He loves the looks on fans faces seeing the show for the first time. “They’re blown away that we’re singing and playing,” he says. “They never thought of the pop songs as that musical the first time they heard them, and then they’re like, ‘I never realized some of those songs could be so pretty or arranged that way.’”

Don’t miss this universally recognized string quartet for a uniquely engaging experience that the New York Times recently called, “A talented quartet of men who sing and play instruments… brilliantly fuse pop and classical music from Madonna to Beethoven.” And the NY Daily News wrote, “the hottest thing with a bow since Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games”!

Watch a video preview.

Visit the Well Strung website…

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