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Sounds of Summer – A Beach Boys Tribute
Sunday, May 5, 2019 - 3:00 pm
William Starr Auditorium
Lebanon High School, 1000 South 8th Street, Lebanon PA 17042

Sounds of Summer: A Beach Boys Tribute is based out of Indiana and includes over 30 familiar hits and tells the story of America’s band - The Beach Boys. Connor, David, Eric and Matt have sold out theaters, met members of The Beach Boys, and performed an hour long special on AXS TV's, World's Greatest Tribute Bands, broadcasted live from Hollywood, CA.

After over a decade of performing in various bands, Connor Ertel was approached to create Sounds of Summer and was on board without much convincing. Connor grew

up around music but never expressed a desire to join in on the fun until the age of 13. This process was largely driven by his desire to blend in more with his two best friends, Eric Wernke and Matt Hurley, who were becoming more involved in both playing and performing music. In the summer prior to the 8th grade, Connor asked his father to show him some chords on a 1966 Holiday, his father's first guitar and was quickly drawn to catchy and melodic tunes and his father introduced him to the riff from the song, Pipeline. Today, Connor takes much pride in his vocal contribution to the band and has many prominent vocally-challenging parts during the show.

Music has been Matt Hurley’s passion since the day he started pretending an old badminton racket was a guitar. He began taking lessons in the second grade. Interested mostly in the “oldies”, Matt played music with which kids his own age weren’t familiar. Some of the first songs he learned were Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison and Surfer Girl by The Beach Boys.

Although born a Hoosier, David Ertel’s musical interest has always drifted more toward the coasts from California to New Jersey. It was something about the instrumentation and harmonies that drew him. From Billy Joel to The Eagles and of course, The Beach Boys, he became obsessed the very second he heard the harmonic resonances those bands put out.

His first exposure to great music was not from the radio, it was his father, Andy, and uncle, Kevin, two brothers singing harmonies and playing acoustic guitars in the garage that inspired him. David wanted to be a part of that, so by listening to a recording over and over; he taught himself how to play Desperado by The Eagles on the piano. In that same way, he added song after song to his repertoire, and before long, he found himself unable to pass a piano without playing it.

It was a saturation of music in the family that helped Eric Wernke find his passion. Eric’s biggest musical influence is his mother JoAnn, a former singer in a local family band. She introduced Eric to harmony at a young age and suggested he listen to The Beach Boys and The Beatles for practice. Obeying his mother (as he always had), he purchased The Beach Boys' Greatest Hits album on cassette and before the age of ten, Eric’s musical curiosity took hold.

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