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Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and YouTube… all have a role to play in our contemporary culture… but it is the unwavering support that we receive from community businesses, organizations and individuals that allow us to feature world-class performers for 83 consecutive years.


      It is with pride that we spotlight the patron contributors that allow us to bring outstanding professional artists and attractions at an affordable price to the Lebanon Valley. It is their contributions that allow us to offer the season subscription at a bargain price of 5 concerts for $60 for early bird subscriptions and $75 for those received on or after June 1!!


      Once again we have scheduled a concert just for our Patrons! Patron contributions of $30 or more are included in the posting of patron names on this website and receive 2 tickets to the Vox Fortura concert on March 24, 2018 as a special thank you.


      Our continuing success is made possible because of the season subscriptions that are purchased and the support we receive from our audience. We take this moment to say THANK YOU to you, our Sponsors, Patrons, Individuals and Companies for their very generous donations and contributions!

      We add a special THANK YOU to the Hershey Foods Corporation who for the 4th year are
 underwriting the costs associated with involving young people in our concerts… Dr. Chris Seda who again assists in providing concert inserts… the Cedar Foundation who assist in arrangements for the Patron/Sponsor concert… and an Anonymous Donor who helps keep our season subscriptions at a cost affordable for all!


      We invite you to be part of this generous group by contacting us at P.O. Box 782, Lebanon, PA 17042 for more information or downloading the 2018-2019 Patron Donor Form in pdf or doc format.


      LCCCA is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization – all patron contributions are tax deductible. Donations of over $250 are acknowledged with a written receipt.


      LCCCA is extremely grateful for the generosity of the following...

Conductor’s Circle (Over $1,000)

Dr. Christopher A. Seda, DPM
Hershey Foods Corporation

Maestro ($500 - $999)

Dorothy Frey

George & Carol Hollich

Arranger ($250 - $499)

Nancy M. Basselgia

Beth & David Serfass

Chris & Margaret Sowers

Composer ($100 - $249))

Frederick & Judith Borger

Richard Carty & Karen Walker

Sherry Courtney

Cecelia & Cyril Deck

Joyce Dissinger

Betty Eiceman

Laura Feather

Barb Flashel

Samuel & Joyce Groh

Fred & Judith Horowitz

Jean Klatchko

Robert & Laura Lemon

Marie Lesher

Barry & Miriam Light

Dottie Mohl

Dr. & Mrs. Nazeeri

Gail & William Pauza

Lynn & David Pleet

Gretchen Rohland

Stanley & Linda Sandoe

Sarah & Richard Schappell

Donald & Tyrene Schilke

Bonnie & Edwin Tenney

Robert & Janet Trautman

Brenda Wiscount

Alan & Judith Wood

Marie & Ken Zimmerman

Soloist ($25 - $99)

Sandra Acker

Joanne M. Albert

Bryan & Nancy Albright

James & Joanne Albrite

Mary L. Allmon

Cathie Ambron


Sallyann Arndt

Elsie A. Arnold

Susan R. Arnott

Velma & Charles Artz

Phillip & JoAnn Baker

Stuart & Carolyn Baker

John & Shirley Bare

Nancy Becker

Marshall Beers

Mary K. Blouch

Patti & John Boehmer

George and Doreen Boland

Dennis & Audrey Boltz

Dorothy Bomgardner

Richard & Eleanor Bordner

Greg & Jean Boyer

Gerald & Anna Breininger

Ronald & Susan Brewer

Russell & Grace Brightbill

James & Susan Brimmer

Marjorie Brooksher

Carol F. Brown

William & Diane Calhoon

Debbie Carles

Don & Kitty Cassano

John & Joyce Ceresini

Wayne & Christine Cooper

Patricia Copeland

Constance Cormack

Ronald & Judith Cox

Charles H. Darkes

Mrs. Harlan Daubert

Gary & Debra Deck

Lucille M. Devitz

Anna M. DiJohnson

Joan & Ronald Ditzler

Diane Dohner

Jean & Harold Donley

William & Gerrie Dressing

Merrilyn L. Dundore

Mark & Dorothy Dutchess

Claire Earle

Franklin & Nancy Eckert

Carolyn & Ed Emerich

Robert & Mary Engelman

Marian Engle

Robert & Janice Evans

Connie Ensminger

Barbara Erb

Robert & Janice Evans

Phil & Judy Feather

Rowena Fink

Ted & Susan Fisher

Juniper Village at Lebanon

Janice & Russell Folk

James & Joanne Foltz

Patricia Fortna

David & Lorraine Fowler

Arlene & John Fravel

J. Melvin Funk

J. LaRue Galbraith

Henry & Martha Gally

Martha Garner

Girard & Barbara Gaughan

Marilyn & Charles Gerberich, Sr.

Robert Gerlach

Karl & Linda Gettle

Marion & James Gigliotti

Neil & Barbara Gingrich

Shirley & Hayes Girvin

Louise & Fred K. Goudy

Alice & Earl Graby, Jr.

Fay Gray

David & Mary Kay Greeley

Edward & Carol Gregorich

June Grimes

Benjamin & Gloria Groff

Nerita Groy

Anna Mae Grubb

Sara-Ann Haak

Roy and Sharon Hagey

Frank & Ruth Hall

Carol B. Harmes

Brian & Brenda Hartman

Frank Haynes

George & Kathleen Hetrick

Judy A. Heagy

Marion Heatwole

Stefania Heisey

Ricky L. Herb

Kathleen & Ronald Hetrick

Madelyn Himmelberger

Wanda Hipple

Sylvia Hoffman

Edith S. Hollinger

Donald & Emma Hoover

Ronald L. Houser

Bruce Howarth

Judith Huber

Kenneth & Sandra Jones

Jonestown Bank & Trust Company

Donna Kaplan

Jeanine Keefer

Gerald & Patricia Kemmerer

Connie Kershner

David & Delores Kistler

Michael & Lucinda Klahr

Carmela Kohr

Donald & Carolyn Kreider

Nancy Larson

Donna Layser

Gladys Leach

Richard F. & Edith Leiby

Richard & Maureen Leinweber

Rosemary Smith & Fritz Leiss

Jean Lewis

Carl & Jacqueline Light

George & Joan Loeper

Judith A. Long

Robert & Freda Longenecker

Shirley Longnaker

Teresa Luongo

Sheryl Lutz-Snyder

Horace & Prudence Mann

Evelyn Martin

Raymond & Patricia Matula

Thomas & Elaine Maurer

Anna McMaster

Linda & Ronald Mentzer

Annette Miller

Natasha Milosevich

Karen Mitchell

David & Rachel Mock

Anthony & Marilyn Mohl

Marilyn & Gilbert Morrissey

Janet K. Moyer

Betty J. Murray

Joy & John Nesbitt

Paul & Nancy Neumann

Joan Noll

Linda O’Kane

Joseph & Lois Ostrander

Barbara Parr

Thomas J. Parry

David & Lorraine Patterson

George & Lorraine Patton

Robert & Nancy Pelak

Clair & Joan Phillippy

Virginia A. Phillips

John & Roseann Potteiger

John & Myrtle Ragsdale

Albert & Nancy Raho

Kenneth & Annita Ramsey

Louise Rawlinski

Linda Ream

Ralph & Joyce Redinger

Floyd & Barbara Renshaw

Jim Repetski

Cynthia Rhoad

Dolores M. Ringler

Patrick & Ann Marie Roma

Roberta & Edward Rothenherber

Lorna B. Rothermel

Ronald & Lorraine Royer

George Ruhl

George & Mary Ruth

Patricia L. Sanders

Thomas & Matilda Sarisky

Patricia Sattazahn

Judy & Richard Schappell

David & Anna Schell

Betty A. Schriver

James Schucker

Betty Schware

Gerald & MaryAnn Schwartz

Judith & Kenneth Seibert

Raymond & Beverly Shaffer

Dennis & Karen Shalters

Ben & Suzanne Shankroff

Jennifer & Bruce Shay

Melvin Shenk

Rev. Eugene & Elisabeth Shiffer

Gail E. Shiner

Louise A. Shuey

David & Sharon Smith

Bruce & Brenda Snyder

H.Lee & Carolyn Southall

Geoff & Joan Sowers

Arlene Spangler

Barry & Miriam Spohn

Oskar Stabs

Peter & Donna Stanilla

Kathleen Steventon

Robert & Carol Stine

Olga K. Stoner

Dennis & Patt Strausser, Sr.

Nancy & Roderick Strohl

Audrey S. Stroup

Dorothy Sutch

Ronald & Sandra Swanger

Diane Swisher

Joseph & Fern Thome

Joy Thompson

Gordon & Billye Tomb

Doris C. Verna

Bruce & Ruth Ann Weaver

Evelyn Webber

Hetty Wengert

Elizabeth Wentling

Ronald & Anna Wertz

Nancy & Richard White

Jocelyn Whitmoyer

Katharine Whitner

Bruce & Janet Wieder

Dara & Eddie Wolfe, Jr.

Henry & Jane Zahn

Lois A. Zehring

Amanda Zurncic

Friend ($10-$24)

Joy Ellen Bastian

Harvey & Sally Demey

Robert Grimes

Lola J. Kline

Lois Oberly

Patricia Pittenger

Joyce A. Ruth

Phyllis Showers

Marie Troutman

David & Barbara Winters

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